Nonlinear Finite Elements (ME 563)

Penn State University

The objective of this course is to introduce the theory and application of the finite element method for non-linear systems. Non-linearities arising from both material behavior and large deformations will be discussed. As part of the course, there is a semester long group project. Below are examples of previous projects.

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As far as homeschooling is concerned, finding out the best curriculum is not exception through the internet. However, if you are new to this arena and do not have any general idea about how the process needed to be administered to the best benefits of your kids, then you have to give it a serious thought in order to make it fruitful. Here we will discuss about a few things, which you need to know about home schooling and the role internet has to play in it.

The use of internet in homeschooling

At the first point, it is not a good idea to make your kid sit more time in front of the computer as a part of the homeschooling endeavor. We have to be very cautious about these habits we develop in the children, which has serious impacts on their cognitive and behavioral development. It is a fact that nowadays, may of the students comprehension and reading skills are getting compromised by spending too much time are being spent on visual engagements, which even compromise the children’s ability to visualize and grasp things their own.

A few questions you need to consider while homeshooling is being considered for your kids are like;

What type of courses are available on the net?

Do you get anytime access to these training modules?

How much effort and technical set up is needed at your end to run it smoothly?

What is the cost and are there any other fee incurred?

If you are going ahead with an online course, whether there is any technical support?

How is the screening and testing done to assess improvement?

In additional to the curriculum, what all are the additional resources needed?

It is a proven fact that the internet-based homeschooling curriculums have got a tremendous potential, especially in case of the highly gifted students as well as on the other hand for the students with some learning disabilities. In order to offer homeschool to kids, first you have to prepare well as an administrator by considering all the pros and cons of different aspects of it.